Issue 1.1: The Ism
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Issue 1.2: Fashion
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Issue 2.1: Direct Democracy
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Issue 2.2: Fictive Reality
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The Exile publishes anonymous criticism, fiction, essays, dislocated paragraphs, fragmental ideas, apostrophes, photographs, marginalia scribbles, pie charts, and most anything that can be printed on white paper.

To submit your work to The Exile, email with your work inline or as an attachment. All submissions will be considered for publication. Compensation is not typically provided, though, if it is, it will be provided in NECCO wafers.


The Exile is a constituent organ of the Matinicus Syndicate. As such it is the property of all its editors and contributors. Principal editorship and compilatorship are in the hands of Maryellen McGowan and Garrett Dash Nelson.